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Westside Seniors Hub

The Westside Seniors Hub (WSH) is a volunteer community organization led by a senior Hub Council located in the Westside of Vancouver, a culturally diverse urban neighbourhood with a population of approximately 250,000 people. The mission of the WSH is to “build a more responsive and resilient community for Seniors on Vancouver’s Westside”. The WSH initiative aims to foster community change through developing partnerships with local community organizations, and through encouraging engagement amongst seniors in the community. The WSH supports partner organizations through sharing knowledge and information pertaining to Westside seniors’ issues and priorities, as well as raising awareness of local resources, programs, and services to ensure that Westside communities are places where seniors can thrive. 

The UBC Building Capacity research team has formed a collaborative community partnership with the WSH. The primary role of the WSH is be to ensure effective collaboration and knowledge exchange between 14 partner organizations who are planning, implementing and evaluating new grass-roots social programming initiatives aimed at building meaningful participation by people living with dementia.


Click HERE to visit the WSH website.

North West Dementia Working Group

The North West Dementia Working Group (NWDWG) is an advocacy group for people living with dementia. The NWDWG was formed in 2014 and is made up of people living with dementia and care partners. The grassroots group is independent, but is supported and facilitated by the Centre for Education and Research on Aging & Health at Lakehead University. The mission of the NWDWG is to be a voice for people living with dementia. Their vision is to ensure that people living with dementia are treated with respect, dignity, and afforded their human rights. The NWDWG challenges stigma, promotes awareness, and education that includes the voices of people living with dementia.

Over the years, the NWDWG has been involved in various policy and educational initiatives such as the development of the provincial dementia strategy, and public presentations to nursing students. In September 2019, they hosted the “Living Well with Dementia: Creating Dialogues of Hope” conference with over 100 participants. Their most recent initiative is being a part of the Building Capacity Project. The NWDWG is excited to advise the local research team and see change in the community.

To access the Northwest Dementia Working Group's Dementia Friendly Language guide click HERE

Click HERE to visit the North West Dementia Working Group website.


Awareness-Building Placards

Thanks to an Implementation Fund grant from the Building Capacity for Meaningful Participation by People Living with Dementia project, the Hub’s Council is placing 210 awareness-building placards inside TransLink buses in Metro Vancouver this summer. The three different designs developed by Building Capacity project team members Samantha Pineda Sierra and Heather Neale Furneaux, quote Action Committee members with lived experience from a special initiative known as The Flipping Stigma Project. 

These members’ comments reflect on what it feels like to be discriminated against because of their dementia. The campaign aims to increase awareness and encourage open and respectful conversations about living with dementia. 


Even if you don’t travel on public buses, you will want to take a look HERE at these engaging placards. 

Community Centre Association

The Kitsilano Community Centre Association Board works in conjunction with the Parks Board to oversee programming at the Centre. Most recently, they’ve developed a Community Needs Assessment Group that looks at how best to serve the neighbourhood, including people with dementia and care partners.

Learn more HERE.

West Point Grey United Church

TLC (The Lunch Club) A program for seniors and people with dementia in the west side of Vancouver. A Four Part Series with educational component and group discussions. 

Learn more HERE.

Pacific Spirit United Church

Congregation members at Pacific Spirit United Church created an insightful four-part series looking at dementia from a community perspective. It's called Beacon *shining light on Dementia and is available online. 

Learn more HERE.


Planning for New Programs and Later Stage Dementia Tools

The ASK Friendship Society project supports the planning for new programs and for the design of the physical environment at the Arbutus Centre redevelopment which is scheduled for completion in 2022.

Learn more HERE.


Dunbar Neighbourhood Asset Map

The DRA engagement project involves the creation of an asset map of the Dunbar Southlands neighbourhood, as a means to engage with our community members living with dementia, their families and Dunbar community partners. The asset map identifies dementia-friendly spaces that encourage engagement and interaction with the physical environment including community benches, picnic tables, and boulevard gardens . 

Learn more HERE.


Diving Deep-Dementia Dialogues and Dementia Connections Buddy Program

The KNH's“Diving Deep-Dementia Dialogues” series  will consist of small group discussions to gain insight on public perception and attitudes, and gather feedback on how to apply the learning from the Dementia awareness and training within the context of their neighbourhoods. In addition, the engagement project will also work to make the broader Kitsilano community more Dementia-Friendly by engaging the Business Improvement Areas (BIA) in dialogue and brainstorming what safe spaces could look like at their locations. The Kitsilano Neighbourhood House’s has also creatd the Dementia Connections buddy program where a trained volunteer would be paired up with an individual who is living with dementia. This buddy volunteer would be a constant and consistent companion, offer support, and contribute to the creation of a safe space for the person who is living with dementia.

Learn more HERE.

South Granville
Seniors Centre

Happy Memories Cafe

South Granville Seniors Centre’s "Happy Memories Cafe"is a space in which both people with dementia and their loved ones can meet to socialize, learn, and have fun together. The program activities evolve based on the ongoing feedback of participating members, and may include expert engagement, group discussions, music, poetry and the arts. Everybody is welcome to participate.

Learn more HERE.

Fireweed Club

  • helping provide transportation to bring participants to outdoor events.

  • great opportunities to connect with the larger community and build new connections with people living with dementia in the community.

  • summer schedule of activities in Vancouver's westside parks and plazas coming soon.

Learn more HERE.

Westside Seniors Hub Transportation Initiative

  • Model Programs that explore van-sharing and public transit challenges and solutions for seniors. 

Learn more HERE.

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