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The Westside Seniors Hub (WSH) is a volunteer community organization led by a senior Hub Council located in the Westside of Vancouver, a culturally diverse urban neighbourhood with a population of approximately 250,000 people. The mission of the WSH is to “build a more responsive and resilient community for Seniors on Vancouver’s Westside”. The WSH initiative aims to foster community change through developing partnerships with local community organizations, and through encouraging engagement amongst seniors in the community. The WSH supports partner organizations through sharing knowledge and information pertaining to Westside seniors’ issues and priorities, as well as raising awareness of local resources, programs, and services to ensure that Westside communities are places where seniors can thrive. 

The UBC Building Capacity research team has formed a collaborative community partnership with the WSH. The primary role of the WSH is be to ensure effective collaboration and knowledge exchange between 14 partner organizations who are planning, implementing and evaluating new grass-roots social programming initiatives aimed at building meaningful participation by people living with dementia. Click here to visit the WSH website.

The North West Dementia Working Group (NWDWG) is an advocacy group for people living with dementia. The NWDWG was formed in 2014 and is made up of people living with dementia and care partners. The grassroots group is independent, but is supported and facilitated by the Centre for Education and Research on Aging & Health at Lakehead University. The mission of the NWDWG is to be a voice for people living with dementia. Their vision is to ensure that people living with dementia are treated with respect, dignity, and afforded their human rights. The NWDWG challenges stigma, promotes awareness, and education that includes the voices of people living with dementia.

Over the years, the NWDWG has been involved in various policy and educational initiatives such as the development of the provincial dementia strategy, and public presentations to nursing students. In September 2019, they hosted the “Living Well with Dementia: Creating Dialogues of Hope” conference with over 100 participants. Their most recent initiative is being a part of the Building Capacity Project. The NWDWG is excited to advise the local research team and see change in the community. Click here to visit the North West Dementia Working Group website.

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