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October News 2022

Updated: Oct 19, 2022



Thunder Bay

The North West Dementia Working Group launched their brand new website this month, featuring information about the group and what they offer, suggestions on how to get involved, details about their popular Dementia Cafe, and links to related initiatives and resources.

Find it here:


A team from The Thunder Bay Museum visited our Dementia Cafe at Urban Abbey to present historic videos from the region put together by Dougall Media. Clips included footage of the Queen visiting Fort William and Port Arthur back when they were still called the "twin cities", and scenes of impassioned wrestling events, horse races, and community fairs from the 50s and 60s. Also included: harrowing scenes from when the Thunder Bay Airport caught on fire and the ice house burnt down. The crowd thoroughly enjoyed this trip through history. The production, with its classic static soundtrack and grey aesthetic authentic to that period in time, sparked fantastic conversation and fond memories. They were enjoyed by all involved.

Also new in Thunder Bay is Building Capacity's newest Ontario-based point person, Bailey Vandorp.

Recently moved to Thunder Bay, Bailey has a background in kinesiology and health promotion and is in her second year of a Masters in Public Health with a gerontology specialisation. She was keen to get involved with the Building Capacity Project as she loves working with the older population. There's just so much to learn. Bailey grew up on a sheep farm, and when she's not working, she loves hiking and baking. We're very fortunate to have her on the team.



The Building Capacity Project is pleased to announce they're being featured on "Dementia Dialogue", the national podcast hosted by David Harvey. Listen in on the two-part conversation on October 18th and November 29th as Dr. Alison Phinney and artist Graville Johnson share their experiences working in community with people with lived experience.

Dr. Phinney is one of the two project leads who founded the Building Capacity Project and comes with a wealth of knowledge on the most recent learnings in this space.

Granville Johnson is part of the Flipping Stigma Action Group, is very involved in advocacy work, and lives with dementia himself. He's currently working on a novel.

These podcast episodes will be aired as part of "Season 4" and can be accessed here:


Want to have a say in community services for people with dementia?

Dementia Ventures needs your help! Join our community conversations happening October 19th and 20th at the Kitsilano Community Centre in Vancouver. Be part of an advisory group that shapes the future of programming and community events that are inclusive of, and specially created for, people with lived experience.


Calling for Community-Based Projects

Canada's Minister of Seniors, Kamal Khera, recently launched the 2022-2023 call for proposals for community-based projects through the New Horizons for Seniors Program (NHSP).

Visit this link for more information about how to apply!


Learn More about the Building Capacity Project

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