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March News 2023

In the final month of our “official” project work, (we say “official” because the work continues!), the word that comes to mind over here is “thriving”. Our project community, and its dedicated partners across the country are thriving. They’re deep in the important work of building and maintaining relationships, offering inclusive programming, breaking down stigma, and supporting one another in many different ways.

It’s been a wild ride these past few years, and the immense effort and passion that’s gone into building this community will carry forward into the next phase of planning as we continue to hold space for the voices of people with dementia, their needs, goals, and priorities.

Stay tuned for big announcements, ongoing opportunities, and continued growth.

Spring buds aren’t the only thing blossoming around here!




Join the warm and welcoming team at Kitsilano Neighbourhood House this Wednesday, March 15th for a Seniors Resource Fair, and find out more about a wide range of programs and services available to you. From housing and emergency preparedness to advocacy services, food security, diversity, and health, there will be professionals on hand to let you know what’s out there and answer your questions.

The best part? Admission is free.

Contact Thais for more information at:



West Point Grey United Church has organized a Flipping Stigma Toolkit Training session for its congregation, also on Wednesday, March 15th.

Their brain health and dementia friends seminars last November proved very popular so they’re taking it to the next level with this professionally facilitated discussion-based workshop that allows participants to learn and share at the same time, opening up conversations around how and why people with lived experience face such stigma, and ways we can break down those barriers. The training will be translated into Mandarin as well to serve its Chinese speaking congregation members.



ASK Friendship Centre wants to help you and your team get where you need to go. They’re offering up their bus rental program to the community at a reduced rate for organizations looking to take senior groups on outings to greenspaces. They’re hoping to recruit more volunteer drivers as well. To find out more about rentals or to volunteer as a driver, contact Kara Turner at



South Granville Seniors Centre has moved their online memory café back into an in-person event!

They hosted the first one last month with great success, and are excited about having it back in a setting that can involve some food. (Everybody loves food!) The group is offered both in English and Spanish to serve its bilingual community, and organizer Danna Wigueras is excited about watching things grow. “We started talking about our favourite memories from when we were kids, and everyone was sharing. It was just a very special moment,” said Wigueras. She hopes to build out the café into some extended programming going forward.




Rebecca Churchyard will be visiting the Thunder Bay Action Group over zoom this month to talk about her Greencare Farm located in Southern Ontario, how she runs things, and what’s worked well.

The Action Group is in the planning stages for a dementia garden, so her intel and insights will be very helpful to them.




Dementia Café participants had a great time last month making Valentine’s Day collages. This month, the group’s planned a bowling outing, a movie night, and a horse drawn sleigh ride to a local chalet.



On March 24th, the Building Capacity Project team, its community partners, connectors, and action groups will gather to celebrate all the meaningful work that’s been done on the ground over the past several years to help increase awareness about dementia, break stigma, and amplify inclusive opportunities.

A conference has been arranged on two sites: one at St. John’s College on UBC’s Vancouver campus, and the other at Lakehead. The day will feature the project’s two lead investigators, Dr. Elaine Wiersma and Dr. Alison Phinney, site specific community research coordinators, knowledge translation highlights, thought leaders from our community partner associations, and spokespeople for our various action groups on either side of the country.

To find out more about this event, and to inquire about attending,

please contact Project Manager Eric Macnaughton at:


Learn More about the Building Capacity Project

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