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ASK Friendship Society

Planning for New Programs and Later Stage Dementia Tools

The ASK Friendship Society project supports the planning for new programs and for the design of the physical environment at the Arbutus Centre redevelopment which is scheduled for completion in 2022.

Dunbar Residents Association

Dunbar Neighbourhood Asset Map

The DRA engagement project involves the creation of an asset map of the Dunbar Southlands neighbourhood, as a means to engage with our community members living with dementia, their families and Dunbar community partners. The asset map identifies dementia-friendly spaces that encourage engagement and interaction with the physical environment including community benches, picnic tables, and boulevard gardens . 

Kitsilano Neighbourhood House

Diving Deep-Dementia Dialogues and Dementia Connections Buddy Program

The KNH's“Diving Deep-Dementia Dialogues” series  will consist of small group discussions to gain insight on public perception and attitudes, and gather feedback on how to apply the learning from the Dementia awareness and training within the context of their neighbourhoods. In addition, the engagement project will also work to make the broader Kitsilano community more Dementia-Friendly by engaging the Business Improvement Areas (BIA) in dialogue and brainstorming what safe spaces could look like at their locations. The Kitsilano Neighbourhood House’s has also creatd the Dementia Connections buddy program where a trained volunteer would be paired up with an individual who is living with dementia. This buddy volunteer would be a constant and consistent companion, offer support, and contribute to the creation of a safe space for the person who is living with dementia.

South Granville Seniors Centre

Happy Memories Cafe

South Granville Seniors Centre’s "Happy Memories Cafe"is a space in which both people with dementia and their loved ones can meet to socialize, learn, and have fun together. The program activities evolve based on the ongoing feedback of participating members, and may include expert engagement, group discussions, music, poetry and the arts. Everybody is welcome to participate.

Westside Seniors Hub

WSH Website Rejeuvenation

The Westside Seniors Hub has created a new website to showcase the different projects imagined and implemented by WSH partner organizations. Included in this new website is a description of each partner’s project with links to the Partner Organization’s website, as well as supportive resources to assist WSH partners with planning and implementing projects.

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